trainingWhether looking to train a new operator or service tech, or to establish an in-house trainer, consider Alta Equipment Company’s extensive training programs. Whatever your training goals, we tailor a comprehensive and convenient program to your business needs.


Operator Training 
Savvy managers know a skilled operator has an enormous impact on the bottom line. With decades of experience in operator training, Alta offers a combination of the latest training materials and time-tested teaching methods. Our courses reflect industry standard recommendations as well as many suggestions from trainers and safety directors. 


Technical Training 

If you maintain your own equipment fleet, you know that regular training is required to keep pace with technological developments. You also know that training does not cost – it saves. Poorly trained technicians make expensive mistakes: misdiagnosing problems, ordering the wrong parts, installing components incorrectly. Properly trained mechanics can prevent downtime, cut diagnostic time and hold down overall maintenance costs.

Our training programs include: 

• Course content tailored to your company’s training goals 
• All training materials, including text books and charts 
• Testing to ensure progress 
• Flexible scheduling, day or evening 

Past course topics include: 

• Hydraulic systems 
• Mobile shear maintenance
• Internal combustion engine technology 
• EDA fuel systems 
• Operator safety